Addressing the pollution problem is a priority in Italy, which is full of small and large industries, and should be addressed both in the form of prevention to reduce environmental impact and rehabilitation in areas heavily affected by leakage.

Today, research in this area is directed towards the development of new treatment methods that can cope with the increasing pollution load of industries, innovative products, and allow the recovery of certain toxic substances and remediation of polluted areas without sanitation.

Compliance with European environmental legislation has forced entrepreneurs to pay more attention to the disposal of solid waste, the treatment of civil and industrial liquid waste, the cutting of waste gases. They set up new sewage treatment plants and a test laboratory that allowed the development of high quality products.

UNISODA, a subsidiary of Uniholding, provides a fast and active service even when industrial production stops, and offers a range of products that are advanced in terms of quality and effectiveness.

Customers can also get technical assistance from competent staff and support from an innovative analysis lab.